Let’s Create a Class Culture

Here are the steps I take to build the classroom culture using instructional strategies, nontraditional formative assessment and clearly planning the lesson with the end in mind.

Don’t Answer That Call!

The phone rings, you look at the number and you go through your mental checklist before deciding to answer or not. Is it one of my contacts? Is it a local number? Have I made an outgoing call to set an appointment and it might be them? If you have a cell phone you may…

Tangible Tools in a Virtual World

Being a reflective teacher also meant they needed tangibles for basic concepts such as checks and bills and mailing a bill. By creating an online survey, I found out that 90% of my students had never been in a bank, did not know what a bill was, had never used a check and had only written down an address on an envelope in second grade when it was for a lesson.

Podcast: Project Based Learning

https://www.ngpf.org/blog/podcasts/ngpf-podcast-tim-talks-project-based-learning-with-renee-wasinger-of-olathe-south-high-school-kansas/ Renee Wasinger can be described as many things, most notably as an enterprising, enthusiastic, and energetic educator! If you visited her classroom in Olathe, Kansas, you no doubt would see her TBWA philosophy in action: Teaching By Walking Around.  Whether it’s checking in with her students on their projects, creating a help center to…

The Game of School

I want to inspire teachers to transform their class by using relationship management as the foundation of being more fulfilled. I want you to develop a mutual purpose with your students to make your class something you and your students will look forward to.

Top Free Financial Resources

As an educator there is a question that has been perplexing me. How can I get relevant information about sound financial decision making to young students? Personal Finance is now required for the graduating class of 2022 in Kansas, but it should be built into conversations at home. The parents I talked to, at conferences,…

Personal Finance Revolution

I love to experience the failures of trying new things. Last year, I found a new purpose and that was teaching. Years of working for corporations, for profit higher education institutions and retailers had drained my soul. I wanted to inspire, help, and have fun. I found that in teaching. I am now starting a…