Top Free Financial Resources

As an educator there is a question that has been perplexing me. How can I get relevant information about sound financial decision making to young students? Personal Finance is now required for the graduating class of 2022 in Kansas, but it should be built into conversations at home. The parents I talked to, at conferences, were hungry for information and advice but lost on how to find relevant and actionable plans. The next step in my revolution has to be getting the right resources into homes. Here is my top list of Free Financial resources for families:

Federal Trade Commission

Scams (53)Shopping & Advertising (32)Privacy & Identity (30)Credit & Loans (28)Debt (11)Jobs & Making Money (10)Online Safety & Security (10)Health (4)Homes & Mortgages (FTC campaign

Military (19)Immigration (6)Pass It On (34) (49)Identity Theft (12)

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau



These are free to order, free to ship and can be ordered in multiple languages. Once you receive your information chat me on how you used it. My readers would love to hear from you!

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  1. finfitfam says:

    amazing stuff they shipped these free and I use them in my classroom


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