Renee` Hochanadel, MS.Ed

I am an energetic, passionate new educator. I teach Consumer and Personal Finance and Economics at Olathe South High School. I also am directing the fall play and sponsor the Falcon Service Club. I have run successful businesses and worked in higher education previously.  I enjoy helping people and having fun and that is how I run my classroom. I do this by providing real world experiences to my students with projects and community connections.  You can find me laughing with my two children Gretta and Alton when I am not inspiring students. 

2019-2020 Fellow for NGPF

Scholarship Opportunities

I believe in real world experiences. I leverage my community and national resources to provide multiple scholarship opportunities to my students. Students will be given the opportunity to apply for the follow scholarships. STudents will need to apply and acceptance into the HR Block Budget Challenge pays for the application fee to participate. It is a rigorous 10 week experience on Money Management. The top 5 students in the nation will receive $10k.


Economics has been called the dismal science. I strive to create interactive experiences for students as they explore current events and economics issues by using design thinking to solve them.


-Fundamentals of Economics

-Economic Systems

-Macro & Micro Economic

-Global Economics

National Economics Challenge

EconEd Practice Test


Fall Play. Gothic Ghost story. Sign up for cast or crew!

Falcon Service Club (aka KAY Club) — Open to all students, FSC strives for school, community, nation, and world, and provides students an opportunity to have fun while helping others. Contact: Renee Wasinger or Sarah Jump